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Our third album...we've hit a kind of schizoid'll be the prog rock phase next no doubt.....


released February 14, 2015




Space Cadet and the Acid Test Set Carmel, UK

Crystal Mary Flowerchild and Dexter Hexedrine who form the core of Space Cadet physically survived the 60's and 70's but for various reasons their minds are still there.....they continue to write and record in a studio filled with oil wheels, Lava lamps and space Hoppers. The proceeds of any sales will go towards their rehabilitation. ... more

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Track Name: Devils Penis Fruit (in disdain of the cucumber)
Devils Penis Fruit
Long and it's nasty
Devils Penis Fruit
Got no place on my plate
Devils Penis Fruit
It's green and warty
Devils Penis Fruit
Vegetable of hate
Devils Penis Fruit
Something wrong with it
Devils Penis Fruit
Really don't like it
Devils Penis Fruit
And call me a rube
Devils Penis Fruit
Tastes of inner-tube

Devils Penis Fruit
Place it on your eyes
Devils Penis Fruit
If your look tired
Devils Penis Fruit
Wear it on your face
Devils Penis Fruit
If your skin's a dis-grace
Devils Penis Fruit
Gonna make me repeat it
Devils Penis Fruit
Why I don't wanna eat it
Devils Penis Fruit
Do yourself a favour
Devils Penis Fruit
Stay away from that flavour
Track Name: Thunderbox

The Prince is in his hall
There's a flagon in the bowl
And a little floater
Floatin' in floatin' in
Floatin' in the thunderbox!

Wipe and flush
Then check the pot
Give it a brush
Or then again maybe not.
Look at the floor
Did ya leave a pool
Did ya wipe it up
Or leave it for the next fool

Did ya have a trim
Or did ya skin a bear
Did ya have to leave ya
Body hair everywhere.
Your servants know
How to make it go
With that machine that lives
Right outside your door.
Track Name: Forever Summer (Eternal Sun)
Forever Summer eternal sun

Heat was lifting from the sun browned field
Haze shimmering kinda surreal
I was in the river when the jet came down
Passing overhead with a thundering sound
We saw the rivets on the underside
I hear he walked away and no-one died
Never thought it was a thing I'd see
Strange things sometimes happen to me.

Sun-stroke head is the craziest thing
Sent me home with a melted brain
Slept for two days thought I was OK
Went outside and my legs gave way
Put me in a taxi it was my first time
Recall car sickness, another Summer mine
Leather seats sweating, fumes from behind
Not sure Summer was my favourite time.

Forever Summer
Eternal Sun
Forever Summer
We all had one
We all had one
Forever Summer
Eternal Sun
Forever Summer
Eternal Eternal Sun
Track Name: Paper Plane (Cover)
Paper Plane
( Rossi / Young )

Riding on a big white butterfly
I turned my back away towards the sky
I closed my eyes to look for something
Saw myself as really nothing
Then I realised my butterfly
Wasn't really up there with me
We all make mistakes, forgive me
Would you like to ride my butterfly

Riding on a long blue paperplane
Getting seasick, sorry once again
Landing strip is getting nearer
Hope the foglifts, make it clearer
Then I realised my paperplane
Wasn't really up there with me
We all make mistakes, forgive me
Would you like to ride my paperplane

Riding in a three grand Deutche car
A to B is often very far
Home is near, but such a long way
Legs and heads all feel the wrong way
Then I realised my Deutche car
Is only there to get me somewhere
Even so I really do care
Would you like to ride my Deutche car
Track Name: Cafe Racer
Tarmac ribbon from outside the coffee bar
it can take him to wherever you are
no collar jacket and bubble visor lid
zipped up tight and tucked into the wind.

Put the jukebox on and head out onto the road
Make her run to the ton and beat the 45 home
Two pots one pipe growling and raw
hear him outside he don't have to ring the door.

Cafe racer
riding free
under the sky yeah
under the sky!
Track Name: Little Black Cloud
Little black cloud
you take it everywhere
you rain on your own parade
Little black cloud
you should be more aware
you live in a world........that you have made

Being a smart ass don't make you smart
being a wiseguy don't make you wise
Open your eyes now
let some sunshine in
banish the shadows from your sky.

You shouldn't make an enemy
of anyone who disagrees
With your philosophy.
Lock yourself in,
where you know everything
push........everyone away.
Track Name: Victoria Kate
Victoria Kate

Life is so much shorter
than you think it's gonna be
When you're 23
When you're 23
So little time
For things the you ought-ta say
Things you ought-ta do
Things you ought-ta say.
If there's something sitting
on the back porch of your mind
don't put it off waiting for a better time
what time will do
is get away from you.
Get away from me
Get away from you

It's never too late
To tell Victoria Kate
It's never too late to..
Tell you ya something
It's never too late
To tell Victoria Kate
Victoria Kate....Hey you're something
Hey yey yow
It's never too late
Victoria Kate
It's never too late
It's never too late
Track Name: I'm in love with my guitar
I'm in love with my guitar

Y'got the body of an old Byrdland
Your as dear to me as my old SG
Y'got the style of a 1959 Flying V
Babe I love you all but not like I
love my old Les Paul

Y'got the poise of a Firebird
The polish of an ES335
Like an RD when I push your buttons
You come alive alive
Like an Explorer ya got it all
but not as much as my Les Paul

You're the hottest girl in town
Y'know we don't mess around
I love your eyes
I love your lips
From your head to your fingertips
Babe I love you all
but not as much as my old Les Paul!
Track Name: The Passage Of Isis (to the Alam Al Mithal)
The Passage Of Isis (to Alam Al Mithal)

Our love wasn't typical
Our love could be difficult
When we were good
We were oh so good
I didn't mean the words I said
Not like that
I didn't mean the words I said
Not like that

Our love was strong too strong
Heartbreak will be forever long

She has passed into the Alam Al Mithal
Not living, not dying, not sleeping
Forever dreaming