Silver Plastic Donut

by Space Cadet and the Acid Test Set

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released January 31, 2014



all rights reserved


Space Cadet and the Acid Test Set Carmel, UK

Crystal Mary Flowerchild and Dexter Hexedrine who form the core of Space Cadet physically survived the 60's and 70's but for various reasons their minds are still there.....they continue to write and record in a studio filled with oil wheels, Lava lamps and space Hoppers. The proceeds of any sales will go towards their rehabilitation. ... more

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Track Name: The Full Frank (Zappa)
The Full Frank

Ladies get obsessed these days
with the downstairs trimming
Getting rid of spiders legs
so they can go swimming
in tiny suits.
Sometimes they make a little Hitler
over on their piddler
Sometimes it's from Brazil
on their little hill
No Hollywood should be on the hill
I even heard that down in Asia minor
The make the wall of China
On their Vagina.

She went crazy with a napper
In her lady place
She made a little face
Made a little face
She went crazy with a napper
She gave her lady self
The full Frank Zappa
She went crazy with a napper
Went crazy with a napper
Went crazy with the: gave herself the full Frank Zappa
She went crazy with a napper and gave herself
the full Frank, full Frank, full Frank

Some ladies got a merkin that really get's ya talkin
Kinda like a blacksploitation movie
with all the hair there
laying in a pile in a great big Afro style
Modern gals they ain't got nothing there
to stop a guy from sliding
when he's riding
Your shaving fashion
could leave a rash on
that you could strikes a match on.
Ain't no tumbleweed down on the prairie
She ain't that hairy.

Track Name: Fried Egg Sandwich (a love song)
Fried Egg Sandwich

I don’t like no caviar
Take a fishes ass and
Squeeze it into a jar.
I don’t like no fishy eggs,
Or little snails,
Or froggies legs.

Fried egg sandwhich
King of food
Fried egg sandwich
Tastes so good
With Tabasco
and some cheese
Fried egg sandwich
Is the one for me.

Cuisine Nouvelle
Is really small.
Might as well not be there,
there at all.
Then there’s suchi.
What’s with raw fish?
We all know it should be
Deep fried with chips!

Track Name: The Phantom Of Studio 5
The Phantom Of Studio Five

Once knew a wild man
Sleepin’ in a shovel
Crashed right out
Tho’ he just got a noseful
All his good friends
Keep on slippin doubles
To the wild,wild man
Sleepin in the shovel

Hey what’s that noise
That low distant rumble
A real pie eater
Scoffin’ at the double
Sounds like a man
A man in real trouble
Must be a wild man
Sleepin in a shovel

Check it out
Check it out x2
Alright now
45,45,Tube and gone x2

It’s a long way from Egypt
To the Rose and Crown
No hotels
No place to bed down
Can’t sleep in the road
Or the studio Five tunnel
I guess it means that
He’ll be sleepin in a shovel

Track Name: Moon Buggy Dune Buggy
Moon Buggy Dune Buggy

Too dry for surfing
On the surface of the moon.
Can't get a tan on the inside of a suit.
The volleyball is over, it flew too far away.
There's still one thing that's groovy
Even though the sand is grey.

Moon Buggy Dune Buggy Ba ba ba ba ba ba!

Be a crater skater
Til the dust gets in the wheels.
Super soft wipeout
Still a feelin' deal.
Everybody got one up at
The moonbase.
For super spies and science dudes
It's the new space craze.

Moon Buggy Dune Buggy Ba ba ba ba ba ba!
Track Name: Sour Grapes (a grumpy christmas song)
Sour Grapes for Christmas

Christmas is here
There's a goose to get fat
Wine makes you senseless
Don't know where you're at
There's a sack in the hall
And it's broken your back
and broken your wallet
tomorrow it's smashed.

Good will don't mean anything anymore
Nor does the poor man
who's outside the door
Singing his songs
Of how things should be
Don't give him a thing
Give it all to me!

Peace on Earth
Goodwill to men
Put you hand in your pocket
It's that time again.

Presents are opened
And gifts are unwrapped
There's nothing on TV
But religious crap
What you want's death
and bullets and bombs
Not boring old stories
And silly old songs

I'll tell you what's wrong
And why it's not right
We only think of ourselves tonight
Presents are money
And money is power
And that is the reason
Our Christmas is sour