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Write a shameless pop song with a girls name in it they said....once you've explained to your wife there is no Victoria Kate and all of the Victoria Kate's have bought a copy....everything will work out fine! So we did!


Victoria Kate

Life is so much shorter
than you think it's gonna be
When you're 23
When you're 23
So little time
For things the you ought-ta say
Things you ought-ta do
Things you ought-ta say.
If there's something sitting
on the back porch of your mind
don't put it off waiting for a better time
what time will do
is get away from you.
Get away from me
Get away from you

It's never too late
To tell Victoria Kate
It's never too late to..
Tell you ya something
It's never too late
To tell Victoria Kate
Victoria Kate....Hey you're something
Hey yey yow
It's never too late
Victoria Kate
It's never too late
It's never too late


from Heavy Cucumber, released February 14, 2015
Mike & Diana Richardson




Space Cadet and the Acid Test Set Carmel, UK

Crystal Mary Flowerchild and Dexter Hexedrine who form the core of Space Cadet physically survived the 60's and 70's but for various reasons their minds are still there.....they continue to write and record in a studio filled with oil wheels, Lava lamps and space Hoppers. The proceeds of any sales will go towards their rehabilitation. ... more

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